Financial Education Seminars

About the Presenters

Andrea C. Wasko, MBA funded her undergraduate education through grants, loans and working full-time while going to college full-time.  Andrea received her MBA from Golden Gate University and her BS degree from Youngstown State University.   She has over 30 years of leadership and consulting experience in Executive Coaching, Business Development and Financial Empowerment.  Andrea has held executive positions in Business Development, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Manufacturing and Sales for a variety of companies including Eli Lilly and Guidant Corporation. Due to her successful life planning, she was able to retire from the medical industry in her 30s. 

In 1996, she started Connoisseur Creations, Inc., a gourmet and natural product development company that evolved into an international firm.  She now works as an Executive Coach helping individuals and businesses grow their existing business or start a new business.  She also coaches several nonprofit executives and boards to help them achieve self-sustainability. 

WOMAN OF THE YEAR was awarded to Andrea for her generous contributions to the success of over 100 for-profits and non-profits. This award was recognized by the San Luis Obispo County Commission on the Status of Women, California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, National Association of Commissions for Women, California Legislature Assembly and United States Congress.  Today, she enjoys financially educating people and helping her consulting clients develop and introduce new products or services.  She is a visionary big-picture person who can identify opportunities and develop strategies for success.  Andrea is active and enjoys supporting the community, hiking, cooking, yoga and the three cats that rescued her.

Meaghan Gilbert worked full-time (swing and graveyard shifts) to pay for her undergraduate education.  She has over 30 years of strong leadership and new product introduction experience at Apple Computer, Cisco Systems and several other companies.  Her greatest strengths are in the areas of New Product Development, Program Management, Business Development, Manufacturing, Finance and Engineering.  Due to her successful life planning, she was able to retire from corporate life and now provides financial education to people as well as consults with for-profits and nonprofits.  She enjoys mentoring others to achieve financial success in their personal lives as well as in business ventures.  She helps clients develop and introduce new products and services and her focus is on project management.  Meaghan enjoys volunteering in the community, hiking, Tai Chi and cooking.